WIM150 Heavy Mineral Sands

Australian Zircon NLĀ  (ASX code: AZC)

Drilling WIM150

WIM150 Heavy Mineral Sands Project :


30 km south of Horsham in west Victoria

Regional Geological Setting:

Quaternary and Tertiary aged sediments of the Murray Basin hosting offshore and shoreline heavy mineral sands deposits.

Target Metals:

Zircon, rutile and ilmenite sands in Tertiary sequence.

Mineralisation setting:

Heavy mineral sands deposited and concentrated in fine grained offshore environment along long uninterrupted coastline.

Target size:

727 Mt at 3.9% HM

Exploration History:

Extensive database of shallow AirCore drilling for HMS since the 1980s outlining the extents of the WIM150 deposit.

Exploration Tools:

AirCore drilling, aeromagnetic imagery interpretation, radiometric imagery interpretation

Significant Outcomes:

Currently in Resource and exploration drilling phase.


Some potential to expand on the areal extent of the WIM150 deposit


Continuing exploration and resource drilling, feasibility and mine planning.