West Victoria Project

Donald Mineral Sands Pty Ltd

A subsidiary of Astron Ltd (ASX code: ATR):


west and north-west of St Arnaud in west Victoria

Regional Geological Setting:

Quaternary and Tertiary aged sediments of the Murray Basin hosting offshore and shoreline heavy mineral sands deposits.

Cambrian aged low grade metamorphic sediments intruded by small stocks and plutons of possible Devonian granitoids. Regional strike-slip and reverse faults transect the area offering potential mineralisation sites.

Target Metals:

Zircon, rutile and ilmenite sands in Tertiary sequence.

Gold and possible copper in basement lithologies

Mineralisation setting:

Heavy mineral sands deposited and concentrated in fine grained offshore environment along long uninterrupted coastline;

Heavy mineral sands deposited in near-shore strandlines;

Orogenic gold in hanging wall to regional reverse faults

magmatic gold with copper associated with granitoid intrusions

Target size:

10 to 500 M tonnes with 3 to 5 % HMS

0.5 to 1 M oz. gold in basement

Exploration History:

Extensive database of shallow AirCore drilling for HMS since the 1970s, with a number of strandlines indicated.

WIM250 and WIM200 deposits discovered in the 1980s

very little drilling and assessment of basement potential

Exploration Tools:

Soil sampling, AirCore drilling, aeromagnetic imagery interpretation, radiometric imagery interpretation

Significant Outcomes:

Soil sampling has generated targets for testing by AirCore drilling.

Research shows a number of strandlines with the potential to host coarse to medium grained HMS

Inferred Resource estimated for Donald Mineral Sands Project to be included in the pre-Feasibility study – see Astron web site.


Up to 60 M tonnes with 2 to 6% HM in three or more deposits


Feasibility and mine planning.