AIG Submission to Parliamentary Inquiry

Geoff Turner supported the Victorian Branch of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists in their submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Greenfields Exploration and Project Development in Victoria.

The submission was supported by attending the Economic Development & Infrastructure Committee with Chairman Rodney Fraser, on Monday 7th November 2011

The Presentation concentrated heavily on the regulatory framework affecting explorers in Victoria, and presented the results from the Questionnaire that was circulated among Victorian members of the AIG in August 2008.

It was stressed to the Committee that:

  • Work Plan submissions need to be streamlined, preferably template based and with web-based lodgement
  • There is a need for a “one-stop-shop” for Work Plan Approvals
  • Work Plan approvals must be made by officers who are familiar with and understand the methods used by explorers
  • Approvals of Work Plans should be based on Outcomes, rather than Methods
  • DPI must embark on an education program of officers in other departments who are likely to be called on to assess Work Plans
  • GeoScience Victoria to continue its data-gathering projects, and include programs such as greater coverage of gravity, EM and seismic data
  • DPI to take an active role in promoting the mineral industry in Victoria, not only to interstate explorers, but to local communities

The Committee was left with the comment that if the government is keen to show its support of the mineral industry, then that attitude must also be pervasive throughout all its departments.


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